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Metal Imaged Mouse Pads



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Our mouse pads offer a truly unique and smooth gliding experience.  Made of solid aluminum with a protective polished or matte oxidized surface, it was developed to provide you with a quality product that will last forever.  The antibacterial surface can be easily cleaned and reduces wrist fatigue with an ultra smooth surface for excellent mouse glide with quiet use thanks to a rubber base which absorbs noise and vibrations. Our mouse pads are optimized for both optical and laser mice technologies with truly superior responsiveness, accuracy, feel and appearance. 

Image sizes as shown above are 7" x 8" and 8" x 9"

Other decorating options include:

  • Silk Screen
  • Laser Etching

Metal Imaging Process

This exclusive Steel Threads technique can reproduce any full color photograph or graphic offering a full bleed with all of its shadings in high quality resolution. Brilliant colors, ranging from subtle to bold, are sublimated into the metal resulting in a long-lasting wear-resistant product that is scratch proof, water proof and virtually indestructible. In many instances, the product's "exclusivity" and sales-appeal is enhanced, and it's perceived value is increased.

The product shown displays a trademark whose rights are reserved by third parties.  This piece is only an example of Steel Threads, Inc. work and are displayed for placement, size, and design options only.