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Sculpted Designs

Have your custom design idea hand-sculpted and made in metal, no matter how detailed or large it may be.

S20- Textured metal wall vase, 27”H X 15”W
S31- Jewelry bar with Swarovski crystal or enamel accents
S32- 3-D sculpted award on marble base
S37- 12” award cup on black wood base (10” square) with removable plaque
S38- 3-D light pewter figurine, 4 ½”H
S39- 3-D dark pewter figurine, 4 ½”H
S40- 3-D copper figurine, 4 ½”H
S41- 3-D gold figurine, 4 ½” H
S42- Silver dragonfly with glitter enamel, logo area 1 7/16” diameter
S43- Antique brass butterfly with marbleized enamel, logo area 1 7/16” diameter
S44- 3-D dark pewter figurine, 2” H
S45- 3-D light pewter figurine, 2””H
S46 – Gold shoe with Swarovski crystal buckle, 5”
X17- 2-piece silver trinket box with enamel accents

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