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Leather & Metal Accessories N52 N49 T10 T12 N53 N74 N73 N75 N76 N46 W15 N58 N48 N77 N62 N60 N59 N63 N61 N50 N71 N51 N72 N36 N33 N69 N70 N68 N32 N78 N80 N67 N66 N81 N45 N79 N82 N64 N65

Leather & Metal Accessories

High quality leather and suede is used to create a wide variety of items that are both functional and wearable. Available in many textures and colors, leather accessories can feature metal accents, branding, or metal logos.

J13- ID bracelet with leather strapsSteel Threads Leather & Metal Accessories
N32 & N33- Leather snap-over swivel hook key chains
N36- Leather magnetic money clips
N45- Belt with four-color-process inlaid buckle
N46- Belt with brushed silver buckle
N48- Belt with 3-D buckle
N49- Lace-up cuff bracelet
N50- Two-fold leather wallet with chain and belt snap-over
N51- Tri-fold leather wallet with chain and belt snap-over
N52- Leather luggage clasp bracelet
N53- Double snap bracelets, ½” on up
N58- Belt with glitter enamel-filled 3-D buckle
N59- Belt with pewter buckle and enamel
N60- Belt with pewter buckle and black hand paint
N61- 3-D pewter buckle with revolving bullet chambers
N62- 3-D pewter buckle
N63- Black metal buckle with enamel
N64- Belt with multi-level pewter buckle
N65- Belt with gold buckle
N66- Belt with antique copper buckle
N67 & N68- Belts with semi-precious stone-set buckles
N69- Belt with shoe-shaped buckle
N70- Belt with cutout buckle and Swarovski crystals
N71- Belt with 3-D heart and wings buckle in nickel
N72- Snap-over key chain with ball chain
N73- Leather key chain with inset epoxy dome logo
N74- Snap bracelet with ID bar
N75- Buckle-clasp bracelet with ID bar
N76- Braided snap bracelet
N77- Buckle with built-in lighter
N78- Document wallet
N79- Tri-fold leather wallet
N80- Card sleeve and money clip combo
N81- Women’s wallet with semi-precious stone-set closure
N82- Leather luggage tags
N83- Buckle with backside wallet
N84- Buckle with hidden compartment
T10- Oval leather key chain with embossed logo
T12- Square leather key chain with inset metal logo
W15- Cotton (or nylon) webbed belt with military buckle

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