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Desktop & Gift

Stand out from the crowd with a unique desktop or gift item!

A27- Coasters - aluminum, stainless steel, leather or cast metal
D28- 3-D sculpted bookends with Swarovski crystals
C21- Bud vase, 7”H X 2”W X ¾”D
D27- Four coaster set and box with transparent enameled lid
D15- Paperweight with enamel accents
D19- Hinged aluminum business card holder with embossed logo
D24- 2 1/2” metal cube
D26- 3-D nail, match, paintbrush and flowers
M17- 3-D hand-shaped business card holder
M32- Leather-topped metal container sized for business cards, etc.
S18- Mini briefcase business card holder sold with or without calculator
S21-3-D paperweight
S25- Aluminum note cube holder
S26- Case sized for business cards, etc.
S27- Business card case with six-sleeve plastic insert
S35- Table-top menu holder, 2 ½”H
S36- Butterfly business card holder, 1 7/16” logo area
Y1- Bud vase
Y6- Paperweight, 3 1/2” x 5 1/2”
Y8- Post-It note holder, 31/2” H x 5 ½”W
Q15- Metal imaged hang tag
Q26- Desk photo frame, holds 3” X 5” photos
Q27- Aluminum backstage pass or event badge
Q28- Page markers
Q29- Business card with cutout and etching

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