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Binders, Clipboards & Presentation Kits

Using anodized aluminum and Lucite alone or in combination, an assortment of products for paper storage & presentation use can be created.

Aluminum products are available in silver or a variety of colors through anodizing or powder-coating.

Standard binder sizes are 7”, 9”, and 11 5/8” high with ½” to 4” rings, and can be crafted for any width. Custom sizes available

Clipboard sizes start at 5” X 7” and go up to any custom size.

Presentation Kits are custom created for any use. Special features can be added for a unique look, such as pen holders, back panel clips, snap closures, chrome handles, and more.

Logo Branding options include Steel Threads metal logos, laser etching, silk screening, metal imaging, and epoxy domes.

Right panel:


L1 - Aluminum binder with holes and black powder-coated back panel
L2 – Aluminum document container with Lucite hinged lid
L3 – Ring binder with Lucite panels and aluminum spine
L4 – Lucite note cube holder
L6 – Screw post binder with Lucite cover and aluminum spine


Q1 – Aluminum clipboard
Q2 – Aluminum clipboard with bottom tray storage compartment (legal or letter size)
Q4 – Aluminum ring binder
Q5 - Aluminum clipboard with front cover
Q20 - Aluminum medical clipboard
Q21- Steel diamond plate binder
Q22 – Aluminum ring binder with clip on front cover
Q23 – Aluminum binder with chrome handle and leather snap closure
Q24 – Aluminum menu or document holder
Q25 – Aluminum clipboard with hinged front cover featuring literature clips

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